We are MaHaRERA registered marketing company - MaHaRERA Registration No A51600001417 & our project is MaHaRERA Registered Project , MaHaRERA Registration No. P52000000062. Construction in full swing, Sale agreement is in progress.


Agreement Between The Land owners and the Company

Our Legal team drafts and prepares a fool-proof agreement at the time of transfer of ownership of the land, so as to ensure legally binding, freehold-ship of the land/flats for its end-users. We ensure that your property is free of any encumbrances.

Property History

Our In-House Legal team carries out a complete scrutiny of the History of the property, to make sure you don't encounter a legal hurdle during the registration and in future. The ownership history is verified with the land records held at the Revenue Department.

Sale Agreement

Our Legal Team not only follows the best industry practices while preparing the Sale Agreement with our customers, but also ensures that your rights and interests are safeguarded in every possible manner and that our customers are never in a position of disadvantage in the long run. These agreements are thoroughly vetted by an external consultant to ensure their legal soundness and practicability. This helps develop a high level of trust and confidence between the company and the clients; a bonding that lasts for a life-time.

Financial Advisory

Our Legal Team renders free advice to our customers regarding their rights and obligations on financial matters related to their property, It includes the Stamp Duty, various Fees, Tax obligations and even their Loan related queries.